Ahmad Shahidov made speech in Cyprus International University

On 15 May, chief of TURSAM Center for Strategic Studies, PhD on Philology Ahmad Shahidov participated in “Cyprus Turk Culture and Literature Symposium” held in Cyprus International University, located in North Cyprus Turkish Republic.

Spoke on “Promotion of Cyprus history in literature and literary works” theme, Ahmad Shahidov mentioned about Cyprus Turkish literature, described features of Cyprus Turkish literature since Ottoman era till nowadays.

Based on patriotic and nationalist ideas, chief of TURSAM showed his “Point of Zero” novel as model, made note that today`s Turkish writers and poets in North Cyprus must create works much more in ideological sphere and emphasized the necessity of preserving the thoughts of Rauf Raif Denktash in literature.

Then, posing for a photo with the participants of symposium, chief of TURSAM Ahmad Shahidov answered to questions of university students.

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