Azerbaijani and Georgian youth met in Tbilisi: “We want peace in the Caucasus!”

Ana Sayfa » Actual » Azerbaijani and Georgian youth met in Tbilisi: “We want peace in the Caucasus!”

Conference on “Peace in Caucasus: Role of Youth in Strengthening Georgia-Azerbaijan Relations” was held in Tbilisi

Azerbaijani and Georgian youth, academics, politicians and students attended the event jointly organized by the Association of Azerbaijani Lawyers of Georgia (GAHA) and Azerbaijan Reformist Youth Public Union.

First of all, the memory of the heroes who were martyred for the sake of territorial integrity and independence of Azerbaijan and Georgia was commemorated.

The founder of GAHA, lawyer Ali Badirov spoke about ancient friendship between Azerbaijan and Georgia. He said that there is a similarity between the history of Azerbaijan and Georgian people’s struggle for statehood and independence.

Then Farid Shahbazli, chairman of the Reformist Youth Public Union, said that some forces are trying to undermine our bilateral relations and destabilize the situation in the Caucasus, which is the home of all of us. Healthy youth sees, understands and fights against it.

Georgian politician Giorgi Gogua spoke about the history of Azerbaijan-Georgia friendship. He recalled that in May 1918 Azerbaijan and Georgia adopted declarations of independence in Tbilisi and said that both Azerbaijan and Georgia are fighting together for stability, peace and progress in the region today.

The head of the Azerbaijan Institute for Democracy and Human Rights, human rights defender Ahmad Shahidov spoke about the common history, culture and future goals of both nations and noted that Azerbaijan and Georgia have the same position on international platforms and stressed the importance of territorial integrity of the countries. Referring to armenian terrorist Mikhail Avagyan’s monument erected in Akhalkalaki town of Georgia last month, human rights defender described it as a provocative attempt by third forces and said the Georgian government should soon eliminate this mistake.

Public-political activist Nargiz Aliyeva, Georgian political analyst and commentator Alika Guchua, Caucasian scientist Nodar Tabadze, scientific researcher Emilya Allahverdiyeva and others made speeches.

At the end, a group of Georgian young men, who are distinguished in the development of Azerbaijani-Georgian relations, were presented diplomas, prizes and gifts.


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