Novruz celebrations for children are held at Gakh State Puppet Theater

Ana Sayfa » Actual » Novruz celebrations for children are held at Gakh State Puppet Theater

Gakh State Puppet Theater has prepared an entertaining program for children on Novruz Holiday. Due to the arrival of the spring and the school holiday of the children, festive performances have begun in the theater since March 21.

First, children listen to Dada Gorgud’s admonitions, watch the adventures of Novruz’s characters Kosa and Bald, dance of the Spring Girl, and enjoy them. Then the children look at the “Barbed lies” spectacle based on the work of Aziza Akhmedova. The festival will last until March 25.

The director of the theater Nazim Mahmudov said that the main goal is to ensure the spring holidays of the pupils to be meaningful and efficient. According to the director, the creative collective will also organize performances for children in Gabala since March 21. For four days the Gabala children will have the opportunity to watch the performances of the repertoire of the theater, such as “Cat with Ring”, “Beautiful Fatma”, “The Adventures of a Tailless Donkey” and “The Tooth History”.

Note that, originally from the town of Gakh, well-known human rights defender Ahmad Shahidov also attended the Gakh State Puppet Theater’s Novruz holiday festivity and watched the performance with little spectators. Ahmad Shahidov wished success to the staff of Gakh Puppet Theater and heartily congratulated all Gakh children on Novruz Holiday.


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