Ahmad Shahidov defended the rights of Turkish Cypriots at the OSCE: “TRNC is an independent state”

On September 28, the OSCE Summit on Human Rights continued its work in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. Today’s debate was on “Fundamental freedoms: freedom of religion, freedom of assembly and freedom of movement”.

Dr. Ahmad Shahidov, the head of the Turkish Institute of Democracy and Human Rights, who closely participated in the discussions, spoke about the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and noted that the most fundamental rights of the Turkish Cypriots are not recognized, as a result of continuous pressure from Greece and the “Republic of Cyprus”, TRNC has been facing sanctions for years.

Stating that double standards are applied against Turkiye on the OSCE platform, human rights defender Ahmad Shahidov called the accusations leveled against official Ankara biased and said that European institutions remain silent on some truths: “For years, Turkiye has embraced more than 5 million Syrian refugees. Turkiye makes humanitarian gestures in the Ukraine-Russia war, Ankara acts as an intermediary for the export of Ukrainian grain. No one wants to talk about it. In Greece and other European countries, there is pressure against national minorities of Turkish origin, but no one speaks about it. Prejudicial statements against Turkiye are never acceptable.”

Ahmad Shahidov’s speech was met with protest by Greece and “Republic Cyprus”.

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