“The national identity and freedom of religious belief of the Turks are being persecuted in Western Thrace” – Ahmet Shahidov criticized Greece in the OSCE

On September 29, the OSCE Human Dimension Meeting continued its work in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. The topic of today’s discussions was “Racism, discrimination and intolerance on the basis of freedom of religious belief”.

The head of the Turkish Institute for Democracy and Human Rights, Dr. Ahmad Shahidov, who closely participated in the discussions, spoke about the violated rights of citizens of Turkish origin living in Greece.

Stating that the national identity of the Turks living in the Western Thrace region has not been recognized for many years, the freedom of religious belief has been restricted, and the right of citizens of Turkish origin to be elected has been grossly violated, the human rights defender Ahmad Shahidov severely criticized Greece.

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