“Mediation mission of regional countries should be established in order to effectively resolve the conflict” – Ahmad Shahidov told ON4 Television

The Armenian army continues to commit war crimes. And today, for the second time, civilians were shot in Barda. The Armenian army, which also violated the third ceasefire agreement reached in the United States, cannot accept its failures on the front and unequivocally fires on our civilians.

Today, Barda came under fire for the second time, and some of Azerbaijani civilians were killed and injured.

In Barda city number of killed reaching 20. Number of wounded reached 60. Armenia used cluster munitions to inflict excessive casualties among civilians. It is policy of state terror by Armenia. Deliberately city center of Barda was targeted.

In his interview to ON4 Television, Ahmad Shahidov, head of Azerbaijan Institute for Democracy and Human Rights, said that such attacks are a gross violation of international humanitarian law and existing ceasefire agreements: “Civilians, children, and the elderly should not be victims of such a tragedy. We are witnessing ethnic cleansing by Armenia against the Azerbaijani people and cultural heritage in general. There is a long distance from Barda to Karabakh. It is very far from the war zone. The firing on civilians is, of course, barbaric, and the manifestation of terrorist acts can be considered a war crime.”

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