“The military parade on December 10 will be a demonstration of Turkish-Azerbaijani friendship to the world” – TRT Arabia Television

For the first time in the history of Azerbaijan’s national statehood, such a parade will be held. Therefore, this parade will not be similar to others in terms of its burden and essence in political, moral, military, sovereignty and other areas.

Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan also arrived in Azerbaijan to take part in the military parade.

A number of bilateral documents are expected to be signed during Erdogan’s visit, which will also contribute to the development of cooperation between the two brotherly countries.

In an interview to TRT Arabia Television, human rights defender Ahmad Shahidov, head of the Azerbaijan Institute for Democracy and Human Rights, said that the December 10 military parade will be engraved in golden letters in the history of both Azerbaijan and Turkey: “The strength of the Azerbaijani Army will be demonstrated once again in the military parade. Turkish servicemen will also take part in the parade. Because both Azerbaijan and Turkey have a share in this victory.”

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