“Shusha Declaration will cross borders of the two countries and cover the whole region” – ANews Television

Yesterday was indeed a historic day for Azerbaijan and Turkey, and the signing of the Shusha Declaration took relations between the two countries to a new level. This document was the largest historical agreement after the Kars agreement, which reflects the development of relations between Azerbaijan and Turkey at a new stage. The Shusha Declaration was a logical continuation of the Kars Declaration signed 100 years ago. After that, we can say that Turkey and Azerbaijan are one nation and one state.

The Shusha Declaration envisages strong, prompt and decisive steps in all spheres of life between Turkey and Azerbaijan. According to the agreement, Turkey and Azerbaijan will act together on all platforms.

Yesterday we returned to Shusha as a state. A state-worthy reception was organized in Shusha and a guard of honor was lined up. In Shusha, the leaders of the two important states of the region made statements in the interests of political forces, drawing a map of the future of the region. The Declaration was adopted, which reflects the name of Shusha and will be discussed in serious political and power centers in the coming days.

The declaration spoke about joint cooperation in the political, economic, cultural, military, national security, media and diaspora spheres. “In the case of a threat or aggression by a third State or States against the independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity or security of internationally recognized borders of any of the Parties, joint consultations shall be held to eliminate this threat or aggression.” It is envisaged to implement initiatives in accordance with the goals and principles of the UN Charter, to provide necessary assistance to each other in accordance, to organize coordinated activities of the power and command structures of the Armed Forces.”

There was also the issue of holding regular joint meetings of the Security Councils of Azerbaijan and Turkey on national security issues. For me, this is one of the important topics.

The opening of the Turkish consulate in Shusha is also important.

To put it in one word, the message is: Unity!

Today is a day of joy for Turks and Turks’ friends.

Today is the day when Shusha is again an epic of languages.

Today is the day when beautiful flags fly in the sky of Karabakh.

The historical significance of the Shusha Declaration will be the joint activities of the two countries against the Armenian lies.

Azerbaijan and Turkey consider important to resolutely support the efforts directed to uncover the archives regarding the 1915 events and conduct investigations in this regard by the historians, this is reflected in the “Shusha Declaration on the Allied Relations between Azerbaijan and Turkey.

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