Intense Karabakh debate on Al-Hurra Television – Tigran Aboyan and Ahmad Shahidov

The prestigious Al Hurra television, headquartered in Washington and broadcasting in Arabic, broadcast a program about the latest tensions in Karabakh. In a discussion attended by experts from Armenia and Azerbaijan, the killing of 1 Azerbaijani soldier in Lachin last week and the “Revenge” counter-terrorism operations launched by the Azerbaijan Army were discussed.

Tigran Aboyan, a well-known Armenian expert and human rights defender from Azerbaijan, Dr. Ahmad Shahidov participated in intense discussions.

In his speech, Dr. Ahmad Shahidov said that the conditions of the tripartite agreement dated 10 November 2020 were not fulfilled by Armenia, that there are still armed Armenian troops in the Karabakh territory and that Azerbaijan rightfully carries out counter-terrorism operations in its sovereign territory.

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