“Terrorist organizations operating against Turkiye use the identity of “journalist”” – Ahmet Shahidov spoke at the OSCE

On September 30, the OSCE Human Dimension Meeting continued its work in Warsaw, the capital of Poland.

Today’s discussions were on “Media freedom, freedom of expression and safety of journalists”. At the meeting, some speakers of Turkish origin who came from Europe made harsh criticisms against the Turkish state and said that “the media organizations known for their affiliation with FETÖ and PKK terrorist organizations are persecuted by the official Ankara.”

Dr. Ahmad Shahidov, the head of the Turkish Institute for Democracy and Human Rights, who closely participated in the discussions, spoke about the threat of terrorism facing Turkiye and said that terrorist organizations often operate against Turkiye under the name of “media freedom” and that some terrorists operate under the identity of “journalists”.

Ahmad Shahidov stated that a few days ago PKK terrorist Dilshah Ercan, who attacked the Police House in Mersin, Turkiye, was presented as “a journalist”, and that this terrorist was mentioned as a “journalist under pressure in Turkiye” in the reports of Western organizations. Ahmad Shahidov said that European institutions are making baseless accusations against Turkiye regarding the “media freedom”.

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