“Attacks on Azerbaijani embassies are a continuation of provocations at the border” – Intense discussion on Al Jazeera Television

After the conflicts on the Armenian-Azerbaijani state border, the tension in the region is already moving to a global dimension. Although calm prevails on the Armenia-Azerbaijan state border, the general tension continues. However, recent events in the region indicate that the ceasefire will be broken again and larger-scale military operations may begin. Because the visit of the Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to Yerevan and the statements against Azerbaijan show that the US policy in the South Caucasus is worrying. Nikol Pashinyan is likely to create provocations that will lead to tensions at the border again, with official Washington’s support, in order to display a policy against Russia in the region.

Another live discussion on the latest situation in the region took place on the Al Jazeera Arabic channel. Representatives of Armenia and Azerbaijan faced each other in a tense discussion. Well-known Armenian expert Sako Arian and Azerbaijani human rights defender Dr. Ahmad Shahidov shared their views on the recent military operations on the Armenia-Azerbaijan state border, the visit of US Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to Yerevan and the attacks on Azerbaijani embassies in foreign countries.

Azerbaijani human rights defender Dr. Ahmad Shahidov said that official Yerevan is trying to attract the attention of the international community and involve third countries in this conflict by creating an artificial agitation around the issue of demarcation of state borders between the two countries: “It seems that this border conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan goes beyond the regional level and begins to gain a global character. World powers are trying to resolve their conflict in the South Caucasus. It is possible to see the efforts of the USA, NATO, Israel, Russia, Iran and other interesting powers here.
In any case, Azerbaijan is pro-peace and aims to conclude a border demarcation process in a short time and to sign a peace agreement with Armenia. Official Yerevan should be able to shake the peace hand extended to it and sign a peace treaty. Otherwise, the region will turn into a battlefield again.”

Condemning the attacks of Armenians against Azerbaijani embassies in foreign countries, Dr. Ahmad Shahidov evaluated this as the continuation of the provocations on the state border.

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