“Creation of a buffer zone on the border with Armenia is inevitable” – Ahmad Shahidov talked to TRT World

Although an agreement was reached between Armenia and Azerbaijan on a ceasefire yesterday, gunshots were heard in the region today. The Armenian side, which violated the ceasefire once again, continues to fire at the military positions of Azerbaijan. The Azerbaijani army destroys military facilities belonging to Armenians by carrying out retaliatory operations. All Armenian manpower and military equipment concentrated along the border and firing on the Azerbaijani side are disabled.

Speaking to the TRT World Television, political analyst Ahmad Shahidov commented on the tension in the region: “Main issue is related to the protection of the security of Azerbaijan’s borders. Creation of a buffer zone on the border with Armenia is an issue on the agenda. Because such provocations cannot last forever. The state of Azerbaijan takes and will continue to take all necessary steps to protect the safety of its army and civilians.”

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