Armenian diaspora radicals targeted Azerbaijan and Turkiye – Dr. Ahmad Shahidov told Ulusal Channel

In recent days, aggressive attacks of Armenian radicals against Azerbaijan and Turkiye have been increasing in various countries. The Armenian nationalist groups that attacked diplomats and embassies of Azerbaijan and Turkiye do not want to come to terms with the truth of the liberation of Karabakh.

The intense and systematic nature of such steps, which are the embodiment of Armenia’s policy of ethnic hatred and intolerance, is a source of serious threat. Against this threat, the relevant institutions of Azerbaijan and Turkiye should act together and direct the attention of the world community to Armenian brutality.

Speaking to Ulusal Channel Television about the issue, human rights defender Dr. Ahmad Shahidov linked the activation of Armenian radical groups in the USA, Europe and other countries with their failures in Karabakh and stressed the importance of fighting together against this threat.

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