Dr. Ahmad Shahidov told Egypt’s Al Qahera channel: “A new era is beginning for the armenians of Karabakh.”

On September 25, another meeting was held between the state representatives of Azerbaijan and representatives of the armenian residents of the Karabakh region in the city of Khojaly. During the meeting, an action plan for the reintegration of Karabakh armenians into the Azerbaijani society was discussed.

However, armenians who do not want to be integrated into Azerbaijani society leave Karabakh and go to Armenia. The state of Azerbaijan has created the necessary conditions for those who want to leave Karabakh.

Life is reviving in Karabakh. Electricity supply has been restored in Khankendi and other cities, food and fuel needs of Armenian residents have been met.

Dr. Ahmad Shahidov, a human rights defender who made a statement on the subject to Egypt’s Al Qahera channel, said that life has revived in the region and a specific action plan for the reintegration of Karabakh armenians into Azerbaijani society is being implemented. Armenians who accept the citizenship of the Republic of Azerbaijan, respect the laws and understand their responsibilities as citizens can stay and continue their lives.

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