An intense debate between Azerbaijani and armenian experts took place on the Russia Today channel

After 24 hours of anti-terrorist operations, Azerbaijan fully restored its state sovereignty and life in Karabakh began to revive. Today, the state of Azerbaijan provides the social and household needs of the armenian residents of Karabakh.

The main issue on the agenda is the reintegration of the armenian population living in Karabakh into the Azerbaijani society. On the other hand, the caches of weapons hidden by illegal armenian armed groups in Karabakh were discovered and confiscated.

A debate on the subject was held on the Russia Today Arabic channel with the participation of Azerbaijani and armenian experts. Dr. Ahmad Shahidov, a human rights defender who participated in the debate, said that Azerbaijan is working for peace and reconciliation in the region and that the armenian residents of Karabakh will be integrated into the Azerbaijani society. The debate continued with mutual arguments of Azerbaijani and armenian experts.

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