“What is happening in Palestine is a violation of international law and the collapse of the UN” – Dr. Ahmad Shahidov told ANews

The Israeli Army has been actively bombing Palestine for 3 weeks now, and including the ground operations that began last week, 9 000 Palestinian civilians have been killed so far. Although 120 countries voted for the declaration of a ceasefire in Palestine and the delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza during the emergency discussions held at the UN General Assembly in New York last week, this draft resolution was not adopted due to the veto of the United States.

The events of the past 3 weeks in the Middle East have revealed a harsh reality: today, international law is being grossly violated and the UN has virtually collapsed.

Dr. Ahmad Shahidov, a political analyst currently in Washington, commented on the position of the United States regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and said that one of the reasons for the ongoing massacre in Palestine is the White House’s open support for Israel.

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