“France’s arming of Armenia is a threat to the peace process in the region” – Dr. Ahmad Shahidov told ARB24 Television

France sending new weapons and ammunition to Armenia last week is a serious threat to peace in the region. Because the new geopolitical situation that arose after the 44-day Second Karabakh War makes the establishment of peace and cooperation in the region inevitable. A new war could have more devastating consequences for Armenia. However, it seems that instead of drawing conclusions from the 44-day war and responding positively to Azerbaijan’s peace proposals, the Armenian leadership is leaning towards revanchist ideas dictated from outside.

Azerbaijan is committed to the peace agenda and in September of this year, the official Baku presented the updated version of the Peace Treaty to Armenia. Now the Armenian leadership must give its answer to the peace proposal. Hoping to change the current realities in the region by prolonging this process, Yerevan believes in the false promises of France and other countries and still lives with revanchist dreams.

Human rights defender Dr. Ahmad Shahidov, who was a guest on ARB24 Television’s “Business Morning” program, spoke extensively about the renewed peace treaty proposed by Azerbaijan and France’s arming of Armenia.

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