“The statement of the US embassy in Armenia is an open provocation” – Dr. Ahmad Shahidov told ARB24 channel

The US embassy in Armenia issued a statement urging embassy employees and their family members not to go to Goycha region, east of Basarkechar, Zangezur region, east of Gorus and south of Gafan region of Armenia. The US usually makes this warning to form the opinion that “Azerbaijan will attack” and aims to put pressure on official Baku.

Dr. Ahmad Shahidov, a political analyst who gave a statement on the topic to ARB24 channel, called this statement of the US Embassy in Armenia an open provocation and said that this information does not reflect the truth. The aim is to put pressure on official Baku in the Armenia-Azerbaijani peace talks and postpone the issue of returning 8 villages belonging to Azerbaijan.

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