“The West does not hear the voice of Palestinian people” – Dr. Ahmad Shahidov spoke at the international conference

On February 27, an international conference called “Avoiding a Broader Middle East War: Building Bridges for Peace between Israel and Palestine” was organized by the “Uniting for Peace” organization of Great Britain. Human rights defender Dr. Ahmad Shahidov also participated in the online conference, which was held with the participation of about 200 human rights defenders, experts and journalists from Great Britain, the United States, European countries and Muslim countries.

In his speech, Dr. Ahmad Shahidov assessed Israel’s activities in the Middle East as a crime of genocide and said that international organizations are silent on what is happening and legal mechanisms in the world are paralyzed. Dr. Ahmad Shahidov pointed out that the delivery of humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people is hindered by Israel and said that the main target in this war is the Palestinian people.

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