Karabakh trues presented to Polish community – PHOTO

lodz292TURSAM Center for Strategic Studies and WAC Poland Office organized an event devoted to Nagornoy Karabakh in Lodz city of Poland.

On 3 May in Lodz city of Poland was held event devoted to Azerbaijan trues, Nagornoy Karabakh and Khojaly genocide. In the event organized in Grand Hotel in the center of Lodz city participated representatives of Polish community, teachers and professors from Polish universities, press staff and students.

The meeting was opened by chief of WAC Poland Office Nail Ahmad and he talked to participants of meeting about history and culture of Azerbaijan. Then, photos reflecting the Khojaly genocide and Agdaban tradegy were exibited. One of the activists of Azerbaijan diaspora in Poland Rashid Rahimli gave information to participants of meeting about Azerbaijan-Poland relations and activities of Azerbaijan youth studying in Poland.

Took part in the meeting chief of TURSAM Center for Strategic Studies Ahmad Shahidov gave detailed information to representatives of Polish community about Khojaly genocide and Agdaban tradegy and talked about the work done to inform world community about Azerbaijan trues.

The photos exibited in the meeting attracted interest of polish youths and they saw Khojaly tradegy as act against all humanity. At the end, anwered to questions of polish guests.

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