Ahmad Shahidov met with Chairwoman of Petition Committee of German Bundestag – PHOTO

bundestag292On 7 May chief TURSAM Center for Strategic Studies Ahmad Shahidov met with chairwoman of Petition Committee of German Bundestag Mrs. Kersten Steinke. During the official reception took place in the Bundestag building, Mrs. Kersten Steinke spoke about activity of Petition Committee and mechanism to investigate complaints and letters received from citizens. Then German Bundestag Ombudsman gave common information about work of German Bundestag and was interested about activities of TURSAM Center for Strategic Studies.

Ahmad Shahidov gave information about structure and work of his organization and spoke about past projects and meetings to Mrs. Steinke. Ahmad Shahidov emphasized the importance of learning German experience for Azerbaijan and suggested future cooperation between German Bundestag and TURSAM. She would be pleased to cooperate with TURSAM and will support all efforts in the future, also Ahmad Shahidov can make researches in Bundestag, said Mrs. Kersten Steinke.

After official part of meeting Mrs. Kersten Steinke showed Bundestag building and gave detailed information about historical building of German Parliament. Chief of WAC Poland Office Nail Ahmad also participated in the meeting.

At the end, chief of TURSAM Ahmad Shahidov gave to Mrs. Kersten Steinke informative book “Release us from captive” about prisoners of war, hostages and missing people of Azerbaijan.

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