“Armenia is the center for human trafficking and prostitution in the region” harsh criticisms from the Ahmad Shahidov at OSCE Warsaw meeting

cixis292Ahmad Shahidov mad a report on victims of human trafficking during OSCE discussions dedicated to trafficking on human beings

OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) conducted its next gathering under the title of “The Human Dimension Implementation” on September 25. The meeting featured discussions on human trafficking, combats against it and speeches on this issue.

Ahmad Shahidov, Head of the Azerbaijani Institute for Democracy and Human Rights (AIDHR) who also attended the meeting made a speech with a focus on victims of human trafficking in the South Caucasus region, namely in Georgia and Armenia. While referring to the annual report on trafficking on human beings released by the U.S. State Department for 2014, Head of AIDHR characterized Armenian Republic as the threshold and central point for human trafficking. He went on by saying that prostitution is prevalent in the country and Armenian women were taken to Turkey, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Austria and Germany with the purpose of sexual exploitation.

He also stressed that preventatives measures carried out by Armenian government did not yield results and indication of prostitution in Armenia is on the rise. Mr. Shahidov brought some statistical figures with regard to the issue in Georgia and noted that Armenian prostitutes were taken to Turkey and other European countries via Georgia.

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