Human rights defenders around the world got together in Geneva

sammit57th Annual Geneva Summit on  Human Rights and Democracy kicked off

The 7th Summit for Human Rights and Democracy took place in Geneva, on 24 February. High level international summit which brought together about two thousand human rights defenders worldwide featured debates on human rights, democracy and harrasment of human rights defenders. Along with human rights defenders from Sudan, Nigeria, Iran, Syria, Turkey, Northern Koreo, Pakistan, Russia, Ukraine, Ahmad Shahidov, Head of the Azerbaijani Institute for Democracy and Human Rights (AIDHR) attended the summit as well.

According to his words, Geneva summit dedicated to the harrasment of human rights defenders. Speechs were made by representatives from Nigerai, Northern Koreo, Iran, Russia, journalists and public figures and hearings were conducted. In his remarks, Human rights defender noted that facts on breach of law empahized during the Assembly were more dissapointing than those we have in Azerbaijan.

The statement reads ”I can assure you that following the sppechs made by human rights defenders at the summit and my conversations with them, I reached such a cunclusion that in fact Azerbaijan is not fell low places of rankings in reports issued by some international organizations. To the contrary, Azerbaijan secured high places which might be examplary to a number of countries”.

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