The issues of elections in Azerbaijan to be discussed at the Central Election commission of Latvia

Head of AIDHR held a meeting with Arnis Cimdars, Chairman of the Central Election Commission of Latvia and familiarized himself with election practices of this country

In the framework of his official visit to Latvia Ahmad Shahidov, Head of the Azerbaijani Institute for Democracy and Human Rights (AIDHR) visited Central Election commission of Latvia and met with Arnis Cimdars, the Chairman of the commission on May 21. Expressing his satisfaction with the meeting of Ahmad Shahidov, Arnis Cimdars talked about the election practices of his country, activities pursued by the Commission and election preparation. Further elaborating on the elections conducted by the Commission up until now, the Chairman noted that they are well informed on the election practices that inherent to the Post Soviet states.

For his part, Head of AIDHR underscored that in upcoming November Azerbaijan will have the next parliamentary elections. He brought it to the chairman’s attention that AIDHR will get involved into election with its election monitoring mission and that it would be beneficial for AIDHR to make use of Latvian election practices.
Aftermath the meeting was followed by exchanges of thoughts and experiences between the two parties.

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