“Territorial integrity and refugees will be prioritised at PACE meeting” – Ahmad Shahidov

aspa_sessiyaParliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) Autumn Session has been organized between September 28 and October 2 

Leaving OSCE Warsaw meeting uncompleted, Ahmad Shahidov Head of Azerbaijani Institute for Democracy and Human Rights (AIDHR) headed to Strasbourg, France to attend PACE’s Autumn Session on October 1, 2015. Unlike the last session this time PACE assembly highlighted territorial integrity of countries, refugees and combat against terrorism in Europe. The assembly noted that migration of thousands of refugees is caused by not only Ukrainian crises but also wars in Iraq and Syria.

In his comment to media, head of AIDHR underscored the importance of PACE’s Autumn Session for Azerbaijan. He noted that Azerbaijan needs to raise the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, the issue of one million refugees and hostages during the upcoming sessions of PACE. The statement read; “In the frame of prioritized issues to be discussed during PACE sessions we have to achieve Azerbaijani voice to be heard. Therefore, I think we have historically important opportunity for Azerbaijan to raise the country problems related to its territorial integrity during the forthcoming sessions of PACE”.

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