“The position of Azerbaijan is strengthened in the OSCE” – Ahmad Shahidov said in an interview to Iranian “Sahar” channel

sahar_640Head of AIDHR spoke about the OSCE-Azerbaijan relations in an interview to “Free Arena” program in Vienna

Being in working visit in Austria, Head of the Azerbaijan Institute for Democracy and Human Rights Ahmad Shahidov gave an interview to “Sahar” TV Channel of Islamic Republic of Iran. On November 5, human rights defender connected from Vienna to a live broadcasted program “Free Arena” and informed about the OSCE meeting on October 27-28. Participated in the discussions on the theme “Freedom of Expression and Freedom of the Media with a Special Focus on Conflict Situations, Including Protection of Journalists and Reporting during Armed Conflict”, Ahmad Shahidov, delivered a speech on Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

Later, informing about the OSCE-Azerbaijan relations, Head of AIDHR spoke about the reasons for the decline in confidence to the OSCE and other international organizations in Azerbaijan society and talked about works being done to deliver the truth about Azerbaijan in OSCE. Noting that Azerbaijan’s position in the OSCE is strengthened, human rights defender also stressed that European institutions approach to the current conflicts from double standards.

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