“Referendum will pave the way for a new youth policy in the country” – Ahmad Shahidov

Human rights defender: “One of the most important amendments proposed to the Constitution has been designed for young people to be presented in elected bodies”

The nationwide elections – Referendum scheduled for September 26 will be the beginning of a new era. 29 titled amendments proposed to Constitution contain significant changes in all areas of life. One of the such important amendments is meant for young people.” – said human rights defender Ahmad Shahidov, talking about the importance of the referendum.

According to Ahmad Shahidov, the proposed amendment to Article 85 of the Constitution will contribute to presenting of the 18 years old youths in National Assembly: “The 25 age limit is eliminated in the article called “The requirements for candidates for members of the National Assembly of the Republic of Azerbaijan. It means that every citizen who has the right to participate in elections, can be selected to National Assembly of Azerbaijan Republic in the manner prescribed by law. Saying YES to this proposed amendment to Constitution, will lead to the foundation for a new youth policy in the country. Today Azerbaijani youth is quite intelligent, educated, patriotic and principled. Representing of these young people in the Milli Majlis (Parliament) will make Azerbaijan State more flexible, dynamic and modern. I think that this change is desirable, especially for young people.”

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