“The role of youth in development of the Azerbaijani-Georgian relations” conference took place in Tbilisi

On May 11, “The role of youth in development of the Azerbaijani-Georgian relations” conference took place in Tbilisi, capital of Georgia. During the conference, organized by Reformist Youths Public Union and “Friends of Azerbaijan” Club of Tbilisi State University, the current level of relations between Azerbaijan and Georgia and perspectives, as well as the role of youth in the development of these relations were discussed in Tbilisi State University.

Opening the ceremony, Head of the “Friends of Azerbaijan” Club of Tbilisi State University Ms. Leyla Amrahova noted the importance of regular meetings and events between the youth of two countries, also drew attention to the importance of the conference.

Then, Chairman of Reformist Youths Public Union Mr. Farid Shahbazli said that Azerbaijan-Georgia relations are based on the principles of friendship, good neighbourliness and strategic partnership.

Addressing the event, spokesman of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan Mr. Hikmat Hajiyev spoke about Azerbaijan’s foreign policy strategy, Azerbaijani-Georgian ties in the system of international relations and the ways of development of these relations.

The first secretaries of the Embassy of Azerbaijan to Georgia Mr. Rahim Rahimzada and Mr. Vugar Mustafayev spoke about the level of development of the Azerbaijani-Georgian relations and the works done by the Embassy for cooperation of youths of two countries.

Speaking about the common history, culture and national interests of two countries, Head of Azerbaijan Institute for Democracy and Human Rights Dr. Ahmad Shahidov said that the multiculturalism is a life style in Azerbaijan and Georgia. He added that Baku and Tbilisi have the same interests in international relations. In particular, noted that the youths of the two countries have to cooperate in all spheres of life, Ahmad Shahidov emphasized the issues of territorial integrity and security as well.

In their speech, Chairman of Reformist Youths Alliance of Georgia Mr. Dachi Chitaia and young politician Mrs. Samira Ismayilova spoke about the responsibilities of young people in the establishment of relations between the two countries.

At the end, a group of young people, taking an active part in strengthening of Azerbaijani-Georgian relations, were awarded Honorary Degrees of Reformist Youths Public Union.

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