“Armenia, which targets civilians, brutally violates the Geneva Conventions” – CBC Azerbaijan TV

On July 4 at about 20:40 (GMT+4 hours), the Armenian armed forces again violated ceasefire and, using 82-mm and 120-mm mortars and grenade launchers, shelled Azerbaijani positions and territories where the civilian population lives, namely the Alkhanli village of the country’s Fuzuli district, thereby grossly violating the requirements of international law. As a result of this provocation, the residents of the village Sahiba Guliyeva, 50, and Zahra Guliyeva, 2, were killed. Sarvinaz Guliyeva, 52, who got wounded, was hospitalized. The firing of civilians and settlements by armenian armed forces has seriously affected the public opinion. OSCE and other international organizations have expressed concern about the incident.

Assessing the assassination of civilians as a violation of international law, Head of Azerbaijan Institute for Democracy and Human Rights Dr. Ahmad Shahidov in his statement to CBC Azerbaijan Television called the murder of a 2 year-old baby as brutality and said that this crime of humanity is in violation of all international conventions, including the Geneva Convention: “The assassination of civilians once again reveals the terrorist essence of the Armenian government. This is not the first example of Armenian atrocities. Starting in the early 1990s, Armenia’s political-criminal authorities have targeted civilians and settlements grossly violating the laws of war. The brutal killing of children during the Khojaly genocide is an example of this. Unfortunately, Armenia’s brutality continues today, and the international community and human rights organizations are blind to these facts.”

Human Rights Defender Ahmad Shahidov said that the assassination of civilian population will be brought to the attention of the international community and they will also raise the issue at the OSCE Summit in Warsaw: “Armenia has signed many international legal instruments, as well as the Geneva Conventions and is obliged to comply with its commitments. We have mobilized all our international contacts and will continue to expose the terrorist essence of the official Yerevan”.

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