Captives and hostages may only be exchanged on the principle of “all to all” – Azerbaijan’s position does not change

Today, spokesperson of the so-called “nagorno-karabakh republic” MFA Artak Nersisyan told to the Armenian press that they do not agree with the Azerbaijani side’s proposal to exchange the captives and hostages on the principle of “all to all”, but one of the Azerbaijani hostages Elnur Huseynzadeh’s release can be considered. The representative of the so-called regime has admitted that Elnur Huseynzade has not committed any crime, and in this regard, his release seems to be possible.

Coordinator of the Information Center for Azerbaijani captives and hostages Ahmad Shahidov, in his interview to REAL Television, called the statement of the so-called regime representative as manipulation aimed at the internal audience and said that the official position of Azerbaijan remained unchanged:“This is an explanation aimed at reducing the wave of anxiety in the Armenian society regarding the Armenian military diversants, and making humanitarian appearances to international organizations. The Armenian side has called Azerbaijani civilian hostages as “criminals”, also trying to present the Armenian intelligence diversants as civilian “mentally ill”, which once again exposes false nature of Armenia. In fact, Armenian officials are concerned about Karen Kazarian, who is currently under trial in the Ganja Court on Grave Crimes, and are trying to take him back. Karen Kazarian is a professional military intelligence and is charged with mass crimes against Azerbaijan. And proof of his crimes is a matter of time.”

Ahmad Shahidov said that the principle of “all to all” proposed by the Azerbaijani side remained unchanged, and Baku would not step back on this issue: “The official position of Azerbaijan is obvious. The principle of “all to al” is our final and definitive position. If the Armenian side wants to get back its own servicemen, so they will have to agree with this principle. Anyway Azerbaijan will continue its struggle.”

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