Dr. Ahmad Shahidov spoke about peace and coexistence in Karabakh and condemned the terrorist act committed in Ankara at the OSCE meeting

On October 3, the OSCE Human Dimension Conference continued its work in Warsaw, the capital of Poland.

Today’s discussions were held on the topic of “Democratic institutions, human rights and freedoms”. The head of the Institute for Democracy and Human Rights Dr. Ahmad Shahidov, who closely participated in the discussions, condemned the terrorist act that happened in Turkiye last week and asked the OSCE member countries to condemn terrorism and support Turkiye in the fight against terrorism.

Dr. Ahmad Shahidov stated that members of the PKK terrorist organization are protected by the Swedish government and noted that Stockholm has not fulfilled its international obligations in the fight against terrorism.

Later, the human rights defender Dr. Ahmad Shahidov informed about the measures taken by the Azerbaijani state to ensure dialogue and coexistence in Karabakh and the humanitarian aid provided to the local Armenian residents, he called the propaganda carried out by the Armenian media about the alleged “genocide and ethnic cleansing” in Karabakh a lie and slander. Dr. Ahmad Shahidov pointed out that the UN representatives are in Karabakh today and got acquainted with the situation on the spot, said that the state of Azerbaijan is open to international cooperation in this matter.

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