Dr. Ahmad Shahidov spoke about the state of media freedom and measures to combat terrorism in Turkiye at the OSCE

On October 4, the OSCE Summit on Human Rights continued its work in Warsaw, the capital of Poland.

Today’s discussions were held on the topic “Media freedom and freedom of expression: safety of journalists”. The head of the Institute for Democracy and Human Rights Dr. Ahmad Shahidov, who closely participated in the discussions, informed about media freedom and freedom of opinion in Turkiye, and also said that terrorist elements that threaten Turkiye’s national security carry out terrorist activities against Turkiye under the name of media freedom.

Criticizing the activities of Halk TV and its employee Ayşenur Aslan, Dr. Ahmad Shahidov said that the USA and European countries support representatives of the PKK, FETÖ and other terrorist organizations and defend media organizations that support terrorism in Turkiye.

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