The relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan were discussed on Al Qahera channel of Egypt

Al Qahera Television, one of the well-known news channels of the Arab Republic of Egypt, discussed the subject of the recent negotiations between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Political analyst Sergey Markov from Russia, political analyst Dr. Ahmad Shahidov from Azerbaijan, and MP Artur Khachaturyan from Armenia took part in the intense debate.

Speaking about the provocations by the Armenian side on the state border against the background of the ongoing peace talks between Armenia and Azerbaijan, Dr. Ahmad Shahidov said that the establishment of a border crossing point by the Azerbaijani state on the Lachin corridor is completely in accordance with international law, and noted that those territories are the internationally recognized sovereign territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Dr. Ahmad Shahidov, commenting on the nonsensical ideas voiced by the Armenian MP Artur Khachaturian against Azerbaijan and Turkiye, said that the Karabakh issue is not the subject of discussion at the moment and that the negotiations between Armenia and Azerbaijan are the delimitation of the state borders of the two countries.

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