Reading Day named “Only books can open the secret of the universe” was held in Gakh district

National leader Heydar Aliyev repeatedly recalled that the book is one of the greatest means of human progress. Libraries are a sacred place for the people, the nation, the society, the source of knowledge, intelligence and spirituality.

These ideas were voiced on the Reading Festival named “Only books can open the secret of the universe”, held on May 1 in Gakh on the occasion of the 96th anniversary of the birth of the National leader Heydar Aliyev.

Participants of the event first acquainted with book exhibition in the territory of “Icheribazar” historical-cultural complex where the holiday was held.

It was noted that there are 297 639 copies of books in the funds of the Gakh Centralized Library System, which incorporates 33 library branches. Library bureaus serve over 23,000 readers a year.

Poetry dedicated to the National leader and theme of patriotism was performed at the event by the schoolchildren. The dance crew of the Art School has created a good mood for everyone.

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