Amnesty International’s biased position was discussed at the “Attention Center” program of Public Television

Amnesty International, a British-based organization, has launched an outrageous campaign against Azerbaijan on the eve of the Champions League final match in Baku.

A well-known human rights defender Ahmad Shahidov, who is the guest of the Public Television’s “Attention Center” program, talked about the goals and targets of Amnesty International, a libel propagandist that the capital Baku is not a safe city. Ahmad Shahidov answered the questions of presenter Adila Mustafayeva and said that some international circles are worried about the Azerbaijan’s growing influence: “The capital Baku is ranked fifth among 340 cities in the world, according to security indicators. According to World’s Safest Cities Ranking, Baku is more secure than the UK’s Liverpool, Belfast, Nottingham, Leeds, Newcastle, Sheffield, Cardiff, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Brighton. This is not what we say, the UK’s independent organization has said. In this case, the provocative attempts of Amnesty International and other anti-Azerbaijani circles will be disrupted.”

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