This mosque in Gakh collapses – Ahmad Shahidov raises issue about Garatala village mosque

Well-known human rights defender, won the sympathy of the people of Gakh during the elections to the Milli Majlis (Parliament) Ahmad Shahidov visited Garatala village mosque last week, taking into account the appeal of the villagers. Human rights defender was shocked to see this village mosque collapsed, made a video appeal, listened to the views of local villagers and shared video footage of the demolished village mosque.

According to local residents, for more than 20 years, no one is interested in the Garatala village mosque. Although local executive authorities have repeatedly visited the village of Garatala, it has not taken any steps to renovate the village mosque. The attitude of the local officials who do not want to see this condition of the Garatala village mosque, which is located on the side of the highway, cannot be explained in any way.

Ahmad Shahidov said he will apply to the relevant government agencies in connection with the issue and said they would soon try to overhaul the Garatala village mosque.

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