Interesting dialogue between Ahmad Shahidov and 90-year-old grandmother with 15 grandchildren in Gum village of Gakh

Ahmad Shahidov, the candidate for deputy from the Gakh Constituency 112, visited the 90-year-old grandmother Raziya in the Gum village of Gakh region. During a meeting in friendly terms, Raziya grandmother spoke about her life and said that she has 15 grandchildren.

Raziya grandmother, who blessed the candidate for deputy Ahmad Shahidov, said that there is a problem with water and gas in the village of Gum and asked for the construction of a charity house in the village.

Biography: Ahmad Shahidov was born in 1982 in the Gakh region. He graduated from Baku Slavic University with bachelor’s, master’s and post graduate degrees. He is PhD in Philology. He graduated from the State Law Faculty of the Russian Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation in Moscow.

He is a director of the Azerbaijan Institute for Democracy and Human Rights.

He is a human rights defender, socio-political activist, journalist, poet, writer, author of 7 books.

Besides that he has attended a series of international conferences, held various meetings with the top officials of the European institutions, human rights, watchdog organizations and signed mutual understanding agreements as a human rights defender. These very groundbreaking meetings and conferences played crucial role in his life in terms of being more and more active in sociopolitical life of his country – Azerbaijan. More about his activity, please visit

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