Ahmad Shahidov congratulates Gakh residents on Kurmukoba holiday: “We will be together again”

Kurmukoba Holiday, a joint holiday of both Azerbaijanis and Georgians, is celebrated in Gakh region on May 6. The holiday is attended by everyone, regardless of religion. Kurmuk temple is visited on the holiday. Due to the special quarantine regime in the country, more than 10 people are not allowed to gather, so this holiday is not celebrated as in previous years. But inwardly people celebrate this holiday and pray.

Ahmad Shahidov, a well-known human rights defender originally from the Gakh region, also remained true to his tradition and congratulated the people of Gakh on Kurmukoba Holiday. Ahmad Shahidov, who could not be in Gakh due to the quarantine regime, congratulated the people of Gakh and those who celebrated this holiday on the occasion of Kurmukoba holiday and said that he would be with the people of Gakh again soon.

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