“Thousands of Azerbaijanis who were damaged in the earthquake in Khoy are without help” – Dr. Ahmad Shahidov told ARB24

The indifference of the Tehran regime to the problems of South Azerbaijan continues. This also shows itself during natural disasters. On January 28, an earthquake occurred in the city of Khoy, which is located on the border with Turkiye in South Azerbaijan. As a result of the incident, there were reports of deaths and injuries. Also, houses were damaged in more than 70 villages of the region. According to the official statement, 3500 residences in cities and villages were damaged.

For 5 days, the victims of the natural disaster have been spending the night in the tents and shelters they made. The tents provided by the Iranian Red Crescent Society are not enough. The Tehran regime refused the assistance offers of the Red Crescent Society of Turkiye and the state of Azerbaijan.

Human rights defender Dr. Ahmad Shahidov spoke on this topic at “Work Time” program of ARB24 Television and said that discrimination against ethnic Azerbaijanis in Iran is absolutely unacceptable.

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