“The Minsk Group of the OSCE is not functioning, it should be officially abolished” – Dr. Ahmad Shahidov spoke to ARB24 channel

The OSCE Minsk Group, which was supposed to mediate in the peaceful settlement of the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia in the past 30 years, did not take any practical steps during the past period. Finally, Azerbaijan succeeded in regaining its lands by military means. Today, the process of delimitation and demarcation between the two countries continues successfully, and work is underway to sign a peace treaty between Baku and Yerevan. In such a case, is there a need to keep the activities of the OSCE Minsk Group on paper?

Dr. Ahmad Shahidov, a human rights defender who made a statement on the topic to ARB24 channel, said that the Minsk Group of the OSCE has not been operating for years. Even today, the existence of this institution is on paper. In such a case, why does the OSCE management maintain this institution and what is its purpose? I think that Baku and Yerevan can continue the peace process in the form of direct dialogue, and in this case, no mediator is needed.

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