“The last 8 months of war has destroyed the international image of Israel” – Dr. Ahmad Shahidov spoke to ARB24 channel

The UN Security Council voted in favor of the US draft resolution on the cease-fire between Israel and the Hamas movement. 14 out of 15 members of the Security Council voted in favor of this document. According to the resolution, all parties must fully comply with its provisions without any condition or delay.

Speaking to ARB24 Television about the issue, human rights defender Dr. Ahmad Shahidov evaluated the decision on the ceasefire as a positive step and said that he wants to believe that this ceasefire will be long-term and will lead to peace in the region. However, Dr. Ahmad Shahidov said that he does not believe that Israel will follow this agreement until the end, and said that Israel is forced to agree to this resolution in today’s conditions. Because the last 8 months of war destroyed Israel’s international image. Today, the whole world condemns Israel and sees what is being done in Palestine as a war crime. Faced with protests from the whole world, the Israeli government took such a step in order to both calm the international community and stop the divisions within the Netanyahu government. According to Dr. Ahmad Shahidov, Israel will resume military operations in a few weeks.

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