Ahmad Shahidov meets Polish Ombudsman

pol_ombudsmanAhmad Shahidov holds discussions with his Polish counterpart on human rights issue

Head of the Azerbaijani Institute for Democracy and Human Rights (AIDHR) Ahmad Shahidov conducted a meeting with Aleksandra Viktorov, Polish Ombudsman in Warsaw on September 9. During the meeting which held at the Ombudsman office Ms. Viktorov talked about the official institution under her leadership and already implemented projects in this area. She said that the Ombudsman office mainly focused on insurance and social security issues and number of Ombudsman institutions operates in the country.

Expressing his appreciation for a warm welcome Ahmad Shahidov, head of AIDHR elaborated on state of human rights in Azerbaijan and Azerbaijan-Poland bilateral relations. He emphasized that AIDHR under his chairmanship is interested in future collaboration with Polish Ombudsman Office and importance of establishing close ties between two organizations.


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