Ahmad Shahidov to hold a meeting at the Austrian Parliament

avstriya_parlamenti292Ahmad Shahidov met with Ms. Alev Korun, Austria MP of Turkish origin in the Parliament

Ahmad Shahidov, Head of the Azerbaijani Institute for Democracy and Human Rights (AIDHR) visited Austrian Parliament on September 17. During his meeting with Ms. Alev Korun, Member of Austrian Parliament, spokeswoman of Austrian Greens Group for human rights, migration and integration, Ahmad Shahidov gave thorough information with respect to the organization under his leadership.

Expressing her pleasure to meet Head of AIDHR in Vienna, Ms. Alev Korun noted that she views Azerbaijan as a fraternal country and specially emphasized her having Turkish origin. She also added that human rights and fundamental freedoms are in the heart of Austrian Parliament’s activities. Highly valuing the activities carried out by AIDHR, Ms. Korun said that the organization she represents is interested in building up links with AIDHR.

For his part, Mr. Shahidov noted that it’s indeed appreciating and encouraging to have a Turkish woman at the Austrian Parliament adding that Austria is decisive in terms of advocating human rights not only in Europe but also worldwide. Ms. Korun also received comprehensive information on future plans of AIDHR.

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