Ahmad Shahidov attended international human rights conference in Doha, Qatar

doha292The international conference joined by Governmental officials and state figures of Arab countries, representatives of the international human rights organizations is also attended by Ahmad Shahidov, head of AIDHR

An international conference under the title of “Challenges to Security and Human Rights in Arab Region” was kicked off by Qatar’s National Human Rights Committee in cooperation with the UNO in Doha, Qatar. The conference is expected to run November 5-6. Ahmad Shahidov, Head of the Azerbaijani Institute for Democracy and Human Rights (AIDHR) also attended the conference which is joined by the governmental officials and state figures of Arab countries and representatives of the leading international human rights organizations.

The conference mainly featured discussions and speeches on recent incidents in Arab countries, security challenges, conflicts and severe violation of human rights. Sharing his viewpoints at the conference Ahmad Shahidov, head of AIDHR extended his thanks to Dr. Ali bins Samikh Al-Marri, Chairman of Qatar’s National Human Rights Committee and kindly praised high level organization of the conference. The statement quotes “This conference hosted by Doha is the first step of AIDHR on building up ties with the Arabian countries. It’s indeed crucial to get first hand information with regard to brutalities, crimes and confrontations that we observe via TVs and new media. The conference was attended by representatives from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and other countries. The issues of brutalities, severe violation of human rights occurred in Palestine, incidents which took place in Iraq and Syria were the main topics of the agenda. Interesting statements were made related to violation and discrimination of worldwide Arabians”.

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