Ahmad Shahidov participates in United Nations Forum on Human Rights in Geneva

bmt292Ahmad Shahidov, Head of AIDHR: “The main issue of the forum agenda will be ensuring human rights on daily and business lives”

UN launched its forum under the title of “Business and Human Rights” in Geneva, Switzerland on December 1. The discussions on supporting human rights on daily life are being conducted in the frame of meeting with participation of leading human rights organizations, businessmen, lawyers and public figures.

The forum which will run for three days is attended by Ahmad Shahidov, Head of the Azerbaijani Institute for Democracy and Human Rights (AIDHR). He is expected to make a speech at the gathering with a focus on violation of housing, welfare and social rights of one million Azerbaijan citizens. The statement reads: “The gathering which is hosted by Geneva is attended by officials from around two hundred countries, diplomats and human rights advocates. On behalf of AIDHR we will bring it to the attendees’ attention that social rights of one millions of internally displaced persons of Azerbaijani citizens are violated. We will emphasize not political but mainly social impacts caused by the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. Representatives from every corner of earth will be informed on the fact that as a consequence of armenian aggression one million of Azerbaijanis are deprived of their housing rights, they were forced to leave their homelands and even today their socials rights yet to be restored. Hundreds of social and cultural monuments, roads and infrastructure of the territories under armenian armed forces are destroyed. They did not leave any sign which proves Azerbaijani dwellings”.

He also noted that in the frame of forum he met with number of human rights advocates and public figures. Head of AIDHR went on by saying that he had informed his colleagues with the Azerbaijani realities.

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