Human rights defender Ahmad Shahidov meets with georgian residents of Gakh region

gurculer6As a part of his working visit to the Eastern part of Azerbaijan Ahmad Shahidov, Head of Azerbaijani Institute for Democracy and Human Rights (AIDHR) held a meeting with Georgian residents of Gakh region and took interest in problems and cares of the residents.

During the meeting it turned out that Georgians who inhabited in Gakh got impacted by the problems of locals. Having their own schools, kindergartens, community and based associations Georgians freely observe their religious festive without any restrictions and discrimination.

Touching on the relations between Georgia and Azerbaijan Ahmad Shahidov recalled his meetings with Giorgi Margvelashvili President of Georgia and Mikheil Saakashvili, the new governor of Odessa that took place in Bratislava, Slovakia during which fraternal ties between Azerbaijan and Georgia was discussed. He voiced his assurance that this good relation will continue further.

In their turns, Georgians expressed their concern over the absence of clergyman at Saint George`s Church over the last months and asked Ahmad Shahidov assistance in this respect. For his part Human right advocate promise to look into the issue and contact to the relevant bodies in relation to the solving existing problem.

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