Who should be the next member of Parliament – he/she, you or me?

Counting down last days of summer… For some people these last days are important because of their getting salary or their getting excited due to their paying off loans. To the contrary, for another group of people these days are crucially important in terms of beginning of new era, the new stage that features political claims. I mean upcoming parliamentary elections to Milli Mejlis of the Republic of Azerbaijan that scheduled on November 1, 2015

Although elections atmosphere is not conspicuously felt, discussions among ordinary people are already started. Now people are starting to wonder who will be the next Member of Parliament.

This is critical question as people will elect their MPs in sake of bettering their welfare and making changes. They will elect their MPs for the next five years term which means self-determination of them.

MPs in Azerbaijan are a figure that can do a lot with a limited power. As it is in Muslim and Eastern countries identity of a candidate is significant. To put it in a more clear way, MPs identity is more important than his/her status in society. In this regard, his or her profession, education, whether he/she pays enough attention to his/her voters and his/her influence is decisive.

All these questions puzzle ordinary people; they wonder who will be their next MP?

They do comprehend role of the MPs on finding solution to their existing problems and looking forward the candidate who indeed deserves this position. It’s desirable for them to have MPs of their city, district or town to be educated, who pays attention to the cares of residents and who has the power to influence. I did not mention “rich” by chance, what is the use of MPs wealth to the ordinary people? In fact MPs should not lay asphalt on roads on his own costs and should not take care of financial budget of residents via his/her salary. Instead of being wealthy MPs are expected to be honest and able to raise problems of ordinary people before relevant bodies.

People expect more and more of it. Let’s take Gakh region where I was born. I have just recently held a series of meetings in Gakh and took an interest of their cares and problems.

Some inter-settlement roads in Gakh region need to be reconstructed. Empowerment of youth, social protection of the Old and loans of resident borrowed from banks are another concerning issues.

As a result of conducted meetings as a human rights advocate I have collected some data with regards to the cares of residents and right now I am dealing with them.

There is another question what really makes me think on it. Here arises a question among residents of Gakh region – why Ahmad Shahidov holds meetings with Gakh residents? It seems he will run his candidacy to the upcoming parliamentary elections.

This is a very important matter. If people do not feel care and attention from their MPs throughout 5 years, if their MPs are out of reach for them to tell their problems, there comes a question- why they take interests of us prior to 2 month of elections. Probably he or she intends to be MP.

This happens because of the MPs who were elected from these regions. We have a lot of such MPs at the Milli Mejlis who as a part of their election campaign start to take interest of cares and problems of residents and following the election they become inaccessible. Do we need these MPs?

No matter who will be MP – he/she, you or me? What indeed matters is his or her being honest, able to deal with cares and problems of residents even after the elections and those who can be voice of his or her voters at Milli Mejlis.

In a short, he is expected to be desired MP!

Ahmad Shahidov
21 August, 2015

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