Ahmad Shahidov took part at TRANSEUROPE Forum in Italy

transeurope2TRANSEUROPE Forum has been organized in Rovereto, Italy on November 21

An international forum under the title of “TRANSEUROPE-Civil Society Network” has been conducted in Rovereto, Italy on November 21. Attended by 500 representatives including human rights advocates, NGOs officials and journalists, the forum featured discussions on peace and security in Europe, mass influx of refugees, and solution of conflicts and mass media freedoms.

Joining the forum’s panel on freedom of media, Ahmad Shahidov, Head of the Azerbaijani Institute for Democracy and Human Rights (AIDHR) attended hearings in relation to state of freedom of media in Europe.

Based on the rankings of “Freedom House” on freedom of media participants to the forum exchanged their viewpoints on pressure against media, freedom of speech, security of journalists, mass media management and other issues.

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