Love in altitude or why do I love Gakh?

We met the first day of the new month. August is a good month of relaxation, plenty of energy, work on new plans, spend time with loved ones, love and be loved, in a word, a real life. I’m feeling myself more better in this month since I was born in August as well.

Of course, holding this month in the dearest place and with my dear ones has become a tradition for me. Every year since I know myself, we spent the month of August in Gakh. Even during childhood our parents’ vacation period would coincide with this month, and I would come to Gakh to relax with my family.

Today I am in Gakh, in a beautiful place, surrounded by mountains, there are plenty of oxygen and full greenery. I feel so trusting myself here. It’s as if the mountains that surround me are protecting me… and also takes me to the highest point in his lungs.

I climb up the mountains as well as reach the highest. My love for Gakh is also rising and rising. Watching Gakh from the altitude, looking at this fascinating nature and looking at the future – makes me stronger, more lively and resolute.

So I love my Gakh. Love for its nature, love for the land… and love Gakh for its people.

That is the most basic love. People of Gakh is half of my heart, right in the middle of my thoughts, plans and wishes. People in every village of Gakh who welcomes me with joy, ordinary people who embraces me with a sense of happiness… they lift my love up and make me stronger.

For the better Gakh, I have to be strong… even very strong!

01 August 2017
Ulubash Altitude, Gakh region, Azerbaijan

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