Ahmad Shahidov commented on President’s visit to Gakh – “We will witness faster development in Gakh”

“These are very strategic areas and can significantly reduce Azerbaijan’s dependence on foreign products”

During the nationwide conference on the development of cocoon, tobacco and hazelnut production in Gakh under the chairmanship of President Ilham Aliyev, the Head of State talked about the rapid development in Balakan, Zagatala and Gakh districts in recent years. He also said that large-scale investments were made to the region in connection with construction of roads, power stations, gasification, water supply, irrigation and social facilities. The President noted that as a result of the implementation of the assignments, this positive dynamics will be further strengthened in the future.

At the same time, the Head of State noted that the conference was dedicated to the development of traditional agricultural areas of the region, and noted that tobacco, cocoon and hazelnuts have been developing for centuries. President underlined that the region’s current condition, geographical location, to be close to foreign markets and location on the ancient Silk Road have a positive impact on the growth of production.

In the backdrop of all these statements, what is the strategic importance of the development of this region in general?

Well-known human rights defender, won the sympathy of the people of Gakh during the elections to the Milli Majlis (Parliament) Ahmad Shahidov commented on the issue to “Baku-Khabar” Newspaper from several contexts: “A few days ago, the Head of State Mr. Ilham Aliyev, during his visit to the north-western region, also visited Gakh. This trip delighted me and the entire Gakh community. I was in the Gakh district during that visit. It should be noted that serious work was being done in the region for the President’s visit. In addition to repair works, the opening of new facilities was intensively going. The President’s visit to Gakh and his nationwide meeting in our region focused all the attention on Gakh. This, in fact, indicates the attention of the Head of State to Gakh and its people.

The Head of State opened a number of rural roads in Gakh, electric substations, kindergarten and other facilities in the district. I think that we will witness further faster development in Gakh. During the trip of the Head of State to Gakh, visiting especially the fields of cocoon, nuts and tobacco, and meeting with farmers working in this area, shows that the Azerbaijani State attaches more importance to these areas of non-oil sector. These are very strategic areas and can significantly reduce Azerbaijan’s dependence on foreign products. At the same time, it can cause foreign currency inflow to our country. Mr. President also raised these issues and set big tasks in front of the region’s businessmen and executive structures. Proper implementation of these tasks will lead to the development of the region, as well as the radical solution of the problem of unemployment in the regions, and the rise of social welfare of the population. I believe that the Gakh district will maintain the first place in this field. The issues highlighted at the last meeting are strategic issues related to the national interests of Azerbaijan, in particular food security. The main goal of our country is to reduce dependence on foreign products, attract foreign businessmen to the region, and thus stream foreign currency to Azerbaijan. From this point of view, tobacco and hazelnut are important areas for Gakh. At the initial stage, Gakh’s hazelnut potential is enough to go to the markets of Turkey, Iran and Russia. At the next stage, the organization of tobacco and hazelnut products processing and production facilities in our region, as well as the launch of finished products to foreign markets will increase Azerbaijan’s economic potential and increase the country’s power. I’m sure that will be so.”

Vidadi Ordahalli
“Baku-Khabar” Newspaper

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